Why Stack Bikes?

High Density Storage

A common issue when creating a bike room is too many bikes, and not enough room.  By using the vertical space in the room, you can double the amount of bikes that can be stored while keeping the space clean and organized. A standard 8 foot ceiling is all you need to utilize our highest density storage option, the Condo Double Decker.

How does it save space?

A standard bike measures about 2’ wide by 5’ long.  So, to store 16 bikes flat without having them tangled with each other would take up 160 square feet:

By stacking the bikes, Cycle Storage Solutions not only uses vertical space, but we offset the height of each bike allowing them to sit closer together.  The same 16 bikes that take up 160 square feet of floor place only take up 48 square feet on a Condo Double Decker.